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"A Random Meeting Leads to Sharing Lifelong Wedding Vows.”

How They Met ?

Ashutosh met Ashlesha through a common friend, that times they had no connection they had couple of dinner after that they had absolutely no interaction, both went on each other way.

When They Start Dating ?

One day Ashutosh went on Facebook and he saw Ashlesha online, Ashutosh haven’t spoken to her in couple of years so, he Thought let’s say ‘HI’ and surprisingly she said ‘HI’ back and that conversation, kept going and going. So that two-min conversation, ended up almost the entire night.

Ashutosh thought to himself, that this girl we just started speaking since yesterday night and they have been talking ever since, there this nice bond going between them.

The next day Ashutosh randomly asked Ashlesha out, Ashlesha trust her guts and told Ashutosh if this leads to something then we go ahead with it, Ashutosh agreed with that because he was also looking for same thing

When They Start Dating ?

Ashlesha was coming to California, Ashutosh went to pick her up at airport. They met in person for a really long period of time they look each other in the eyes and hug. They don’t know everything they felt at that particular time felt right everything was right she said, it was a beautiful evening that day and they have their first kiss on that day.

Ashutosh remember whispered in Ashlesha ears that “Ash I Love You” and Ashlesha said the same.


One day fine day Ashutosh took Ashlesha out to meet couple of his friends in New York, the went on the dork and that’s where Ashutosh proposed to Ashlesha.

He went down on his knee; he gave her the ring and he proposed to her “Ashlesha will you marry me?” and she said yes.

 The Destination Wedding Planning in India.

They decided to get married in India, they both took 1 month leave from work to get married.

Both have a dream of getting married near beach side after of restless hours they decide to get married a in a Hotel Cidade Daman, Daman.

They have a very small amount of time to arrange everything for the perfect beach side wedding

And met the Wedding Planner AJ71 EVENTS they explain what they are want for their wedding.


Haldi --

Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as pithi ceremony, which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies. Turmeric (haldi), oil and water are applied to both the bride and groom by married women. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding.


Haldi function was arranged with a pool party with sparkling water, gazebos were arranged with bright pink and orange color. Marigold flower photobooth were made with side various props. Jaipuri umbrella were hang on the swimming pool.

Sangeet Sandhya

For sangeet Sandhya couple came with a unique idea to have Bollywood Night theme sangeet. Royal Red carpet was the highlight of the Bollywood Night, chairs was given numbers like a cinema halls, event team done a great creating a Box office counter, from where the guest can collect the tickets for the particular seat, before the starting of the Bollywood Night MC for the night request every guest to stand for the Nation Anthem. After the Bollywood night begins with first dance Ganesh Vandana.

Grand Entry of Couple

For the grand entry of couple event team black out the whole venue with only Spot Light falls on them while they walk through the Royal Red Carpet with a Bollywood song in the background, couple friends and cousins were standing in parallel with holding electric hand pyros as the couple pass through them. Every guest was surprise with the grand entry.


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